Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its the time of the year...

So here is something crazy that I just read. I was reading about "Blue Monday" which is known to be the most depressing day of the year. Apparently someone has tried to mathematically figure this out. CRAZY I say. I mean try to remain as upbeat as you can. I know that it is hard for a lot of people to do but I always like to play the there is someone who has it worse over and over in my head.

For Instance, I am unemployed. However, I have a roof over my head (which is awesome cause there is 7 inches of snow on the ground), I have food on the table, I am not deathly sick, the list goes on and on...

It just hurts me when people are complaining about how bad things are yet they are doing it will stuffing their mouth full of McDonald's or drinking a $20 bottle of wine as opposed to a $50 bottle. Times are crazy... Anyways that is me on my soapbox for a minute. Thanks for reading!!

I'm Back nananana

Ok so I have decided to resurrect my blog account mainly because I have the time to do it now. So what am I working on?? Well I am reading Tom Clancy's Dead or Alive. Trying to beat Halo: Reach and Super Mario Bros., oh and watching the snow melt.

How crazy is it that 49 states have snow?? That is just ridiculous. Maybe those 2012 predictions are starting to ring true, haha!!

I am deciding what direction I need to take in life I am thinking of going back to school but right now I am just trying to decide what I want to go for... Who knows... At least tax season is here time to make a little bit of extra cash here and there.

Enjoy the snow peeps!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting back to Creativity

So in my spare time, being I have a lot of it, I have found a new love for being creative again. So today on went on a flurry of reading and acquiring new information on a variety of subjects. All because I have found something that makes me happy. recently I have been unhappy with the way things have been going in my life but most recently they have started looking up. I guess this is maybe God's way of telling me that I am getting on the right track. but nonetheless I am enjoying it so from here on out the juices will flow and so will the blog.... Time to go!!!